Where to start?….

discuss-itOK, so you’ve decided to buy your home and are interested in Affordable Housing schemes but don’t know where to go from here.

Step 1

If you haven’t done so already, you will need to register your interest in Affordable Housing with your Local Authority. Speak to the Housing Department and they will give you the first of many forms you will need to fill in and in return, you will receive a number, which you will need to give to your Homebuy Agent.

Step 2

Register your interest with your local Homebuy Agent The Government has appointed a number of Agents across England to administer the different Affordable Housing schemes available. These Agents are ‘non-profit’ organisations that the Government has identified as specialists in the area of providing housing solutions. Their role is to register your interest, assess your eligibility and provide details of current schemes and initiatives in the regions that they cover.

Step 3

Speak to the team at JDCIFA You now need to speak to an expert in Affordable Housing who will assess your affordability on behalf of the Housing Association. We can do this initially over the phone and at the end of the conversation, you should have a better idea of what property you can buy and which scheme is most approriate for you.

Step 4

Go and find a property. The best place to go at this stage is the Homebuy Agents website. Any Affordable Housing properties available in the area should be placed on their website, but if you know of a development site in your area with an element of Low Cost Housing, contact the Housing Association involved directly. Their details should be on an advertising hoarding somewhere prominent on the site. You could try talking to us again, it may be possible for us to know of something coming up in your area.